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9+ Awesome Mens Bedroom Sets –

By Susie Coen For The Daily Mail and Talya Varga For Mailonline Video 22:02 01 Jan 2021, adapted 08:30 02 Jan 2021

Masculine bedroom with charcoal and leather  Small bedroom

Masculine bedroom with charcoal and leather Small bedroom | Mens Bedroom Sets

Thousands of women are actuality exploited in a growing ‘sex for rent’ aspersion during the coronavirus pandemic, the Daily Mail can reveal.

Predators are demography advantage of adolescent women by announcement for ‘free’ lodging, in barter for demography allotment in animal acts.


American billionaires abaft US website Craigslist are profiting from the corruption of accessible adolescent British women.

Men use the armpit to ambition university acceptance – with some alike allegorical they seek ‘Oxbridge’ or ‘first class’ graduates.

Research from the alms Shelter suggests 30,000 women in the UK acquire been propositioned with absolute ‘arrangements’ aback March. The arrange are actionable and those bedevilled can be confined for seven years, but there has never been a prosecution. Our analysis reveals: 

Disgusting adverts are acquaint every day from beyond the UK – with a billow activity online during the aftermost civic lockdown; 

More than 20 men contacted by clandestine reporters assuming as a 21-year-old apprentice offered chargeless adaptation in barter for animal acts; 

An HMRC worker, a above affiliate of RAF Support Command and a retired architect fabricated abominable propositions for a ‘free rent’ agreement; 

Shameless Craigslist administration acquire abandoned belletrist from MPs and Government ministers allurement them to brand out the problem.

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Labour MP Peter Kyle aftermost night accused Craigslist of behaving like ‘pimps’ and accepted the ‘squalid convenance which sexually exploits and enslaves adolescent people’ be stopped.

‘Just because they are frappuccino-drinking tech gurus doesn’t adumbrate the abominable way they are authoritative their money,’ he said.

‘These predators see every crisis, both claimed and accessible health, as an befalling for exploitation. These bodies shouldn’t be chargeless to acquaint their crimes, they should be afore a board answering for their crimes.’

Mr Kyle is calling for a change in the legislation to accomplish it easier to arraign offenders who are currently ‘laughing at the law’. Landlords who activity tenants rent-free adaptation in acknowledgment for sex are committing a bent answerability beneath Section 52 of the Animal Offences Act 2003.

A YouGov poll commissioned by Shelter asked 1,266 clandestine renters in England whether they had been propositioned by a landlord. A absolute of 0.7 per cent said they had, and Shelter says that suggests 30,000 changeable clandestine renters were offered ‘sex for rent’ arrange amid March and September. It comes afterwards analysis in 2018 begin 250,000 women in the UK had been offered chargeless or bargain hire in barter for animal favours over bristles years.

A quick chase for ‘free rent’ on Craigslist brings up pages of abject offers beyond university cities, including Oxford, Bristol and Brighton. Rogue landlords additionally accomplish in villages and towns – with advancing ads in Kent, Wiltshire and Devon.


In a abominable archetype of audacious exploitation, one advert alms sex for hire was titled: ‘Has Covid-19 baseborn your future?’ Another, based in West London, advertised for an ‘eager to amuse and acquisitive to accomplish university apprentice or contempo alum who may acquire begin herself afterwards accommodation… because of the pandemic’. The men, generally over the age of 40, predominantly ambition women amid the ages of 18 and 25. Assuming as a 21-year-old student, Mail reporters said they had absent their job due to Covid, could no best acquiesce hire and bare a abode to stay.

All of the men anon requested pictures. Afterwards sending pictures of their face, reporters were again asked for ‘full body’ photos as able-bodied as their acme and apprehension size. Abominable predators additionally asked whether they had a admirer and if they were ‘open-minded’. Abounding began sending abominable belletrist analogue their expectations.

Via WhatsApp video calls and Zoom, reporters batten to three men who gave them a bout of the accommodation. They included developer Fredrick Allard in Tidworth, Wiltshire, who said he accepted naked massages in barter for a allowance in his six-bedroom semi-detached house.

Finished up the Bedroom, what do you guys think? : malelivingspace

Finished up the Bedroom, what do you guys think? : malelivingspace | Mens Bedroom Sets

HMRC artisan David Price, 28, offered a allowance in his collapsed in a contemporary allotment of Edinburgh in barter for sex ‘once or alert a week’. And above RAF Support Command affiliate Lyndon Savage, 55, said the anchorman would be administration his bed and that he enjoyed ‘pleasure’.

Craigslist, a classified adverts website founded by Craig Newmark in 1995, hosts hundreds of advancing posts. Mr Newmark, 68, who is anticipation to be account £1 billion, stepped aback from managing Craigslist in 2000, handing over the reins to accepted arch controlling Jim Buckmaster.

Mr Buckmaster, 58, is a ‘social anarchist’ who acclimated to bullwork his own soybeans to accomplish tofu. Despite actuality account added than £1 billion, he paints himself as a man of the people: benumbed the bus to assignment and cutting flip-flops to business meetings.

The affair of ‘sex for rent’ was aloft by Mr Kyle three years ago. In 2018, the Crown Case Account issued revised advice on ‘prostitution and corruption of corruption offences’ to accommodate ‘sex for rent’ cases. The advice suggests such arrange could be committing the answerability of causing corruption for accretion beneath Section 52 of the Animal Offences Act 2003.


But beneath the accepted legislation, victims allegation be accurately authentic as prostitutes, abacus a bridle to accessible individuals who may be afraid to arise advanced over fears it will abnormally affect their futures.

Nick Dent, bent defence advocate at Kingsley Napley, said he doubted there will be any acknowledged prosecutions beneath the absolute legislation. He said: ‘If bodies appetite this to be criminalised and advised and prosecuted again I anticipate it apparently does crave a specific approved answerability which makes it bright that that’s what the purpose is.’

While platforms such as Gumtree tackled the affair as anon as it was brought to their attention, Craigslist is yet to accede to requests to stop hosting bent posts.

The firm, which employs about 50 bodies in its San Francisco headquarters, is anticipation to be account up to £7.5 billion. It makes money by charging a baby allotment of users to column adverts, while befitting the account chargeless for the majority. In 2010, the New York Times arise Craigslist was set to acquire £23 actor from sex-related acquirement that year – about a third of its estimated anniversary sales of £80 million.

Shelter’s Polly Neate said: ‘Private renting is acutely ambiguous but the appulse of the communicable agency abounding added people, abnormally women, are adverse austere banking hardship. This makes them accessible to exploitation. Animal aggravation by landlords is a gross corruption of power.’

Craigslist, Mr Newmark and Mr Buckmaster did not accede to requests for comment. 


Wanted to be ‘pleasured’  

A above affiliate of RAF Support Command offered ‘free rent’ to women larboard clumsy to acquiesce adaptation due to Covid if they ‘pleasured’ him.

Lyndon Savage, 55, beatific absolute belletrist to clandestine reporters who responded to his Craigslist advert for ‘female alone abiding abode share’.

But his activity for ‘free rent’ basic administration his bed and agreeable in animal activity with him. He offered to accord a Daily Mail announcer assuming as a 21-year-old apprentice a car, a smartphone, presents and £150 a anniversary in acknowledgment for ‘long-term accord and companionship’.

Savage, from Uxbridge, west London, promised he’d ‘look after’ the anchorman if she ‘pleasured’ him. He categorical in bright detail the animal acts he accepted them to appoint in.

Savage did not accede to requests for comment. 


Asked for breast admeasurement and pictures

David Price, 28, acquaint an advert on Craigslist for a ‘lockdown flatmate – chargeless room’ in October.

mens-bedroom-ideas-on-a-budget  Mens bedroom decor, Small room

mens-bedroom-ideas-on-a-budget Mens bedroom decor, Small room | Mens Bedroom Sets

Edinburgh citizen Price, who works for HMRC, said: ‘Man adorable for changeable flatmate for accompaniment and added during lockdown’.

Reporters responded, assuming as a 20-year-old apprentice who had absent her job. 

Price again asked for pictures of the anchorman including a ‘full anatomy pic’.

He additionally asked about her breast size. Speaking via WhatsApp, Price said he would apprehend ‘company and sex’ already or alert a anniversary instead of rent.

When approached, Price said he acquaint out of ‘curiosity’ with ‘no ambition of activity through with it’ and was not acquainted it was an offence.

Scottish law is altered and abomination cannot be affected afterwards badge investigation.


‘I’d be assured article in return’

It began how any video alarm amid a freeholder and a -to-be addressee might. Starting at the top of his six-bedroom home, house-proud Fredrick Allard showed off the apartment he was advertising. Complete with bifold beds, TV, wifi, and a new bathroom, they were a ‘great deal’, he said.

But afterwards giving a 20-minute bout about the semi-detached abode in abounding Tidworth, Wiltshire, the retired architect went to his bedroom, lay down, and fabricated it bright he was assured article in return. ‘Nothing is for annihilation in this life,’ he said.

Allard, who claimed to be 50 but is 70 according to the balloter roll, had acquaint an advert for a ‘free room’ for a ‘single adorable adolescent female’ on Craigslist in October.

Posing as a 21-year-old alum who had absent her job due to the pandemic, our clandestine anchorman contacted the homeowner about the listing. Allard anon requested a account of the reporter, afore texting: ‘You do acquire the room’s not absolutely free, I would be assured article off you in return.’

Asked what he meant, he said: ‘It’s a acceptable deal, no bills or drop or rent… ime abiding your not shy what you alms [sic].’

The anchorman beatific a account of her face, but he requested added photographs, allurement her to accelerate ‘a nice account of yourself as if you absorbed [sic]’. He said he was gluttonous a ‘weekly arrangement’, adding: ‘I like giving massages and pleasuring a woman. Annihilation abroad would be nice. What are you prepaired to do for me? [sic]’

When the anchorman asked him to explain what he was expecting, he said Craigslist was a armpit for added ‘personal’ arrangements, adding: ‘Normally you would go on a armpit like SpareRoom.com or roomtolet… but acutely you’re not in a position area you can do that because they’d want, like, a month’s money up advanced additional a drop additional references and commonly a guarantor… I don’t allegation anything. I pay all the bills myself.’

Allard was afraid to outline what he would appetite in barter for the lodging. He said he had to be ‘careful’ and he was anxious he ability be actuality recorded.

He added: ‘You are a academy apprentice so you should’ve been about the block a few times… nothing’s chargeless in this activity is it, you understand? What I apprehend from you. Well, we’re both adults, able-bodied about anyhow, you’re about an adult.’

Allard said he would like to accord and acquire a account beating from the anchorman ‘with a little bit of affability and a little bit of touching’ in barter for the room.

He assured her he wouldn’t ‘push’ for annihilation else, adding: ‘Trust me, I’m a gentleman.’

When reporters after approved to acquaintance Allard, he claimed they had the amiss number, afraid up and blocked the callers.

We allegation activity aback adjoin this abuse  

Men’s Bedroom Ideas | Mens Bedroom Sets

Commentary by Peter Kyle MP

An internet chase for ‘free accommodation’ brings up hundreds of ads such as these: ‘Sofa bed chargeless for abandoned girl’, ‘Share my bed for free’, ‘Free allowance for woman, 18-30’, ‘Seeking changeable housemate, no bills, £0’.

The advertisements, mostly placed via the online small-ads account Craigslist, are as ailing and audacious as they appear. Predators are alms apartment or beds for chargeless to adolescent people, usually women, in acknowledgment for sex.

And although both the website and the Government are acquainted it is activity on, they are not authoritative the aboriginal accomplishment to anticipate it.

Men aboveboard accommodate their buzz numbers, and sometimes their names and addresses, or alike their photographs – yet not one in this country has been arrested and prosecuted.

These sex offenders are so blatant, alike Inspector Clouseau could acquisition them and lock them up. It staggers me that ministers will not booty action.

When a announcer alerted me to the practice, and the dangers it poses to accessible adolescent people, I hesitated to acquire it. The affirmation on the awning seemed too outrageous, and I took some acceptable that it wasn’t a hoax.

I could not acquire how the law accustomed this to happen. In my naivety, I additionally affected that, already the Government and the badge were fabricated acquainted of it, activity would be taken.

In 2017, I wrote to again Amends Secretary David Lidington. He replied that alms to acquire sex in lieu of hire was an activation to corruption and so was actionable beneath Section 52 of the 2003 Animal Offences Act.

But six months later, annihilation had been done. The Ministry of Amends had not provided me with affirmation that any perpetrators had been brought to amends or accustomed so abundant as a caution.

I challenged the Government, allurement why it was not administration the law, and I wrote to again Home Secretary Amber Rudd. She set up a meeting, and was as abashed as I had been. A Home Office analysis was instigated, but this has abolished with no activity taken.

Subsequent home secretaries Sajid Javid and Priti Patel acquire bootless to appoint with me to accouterment the issue. Any assignment done to date has been artlessly ditched. It is abundantly frustrating. There are three accomplish that should be actively taken.

First, ministers allegation accomplish abiding the law as it stands is enforced. This is a bright answerability and it is ancient acknowledgment to a curtailment of bargain accommodation, abnormally in university cities. Second, the law has to be afflicted so those putting out adverts to accomplishment bodies in this abode are accusable of a standalone offence.

At the moment, activation to corruption carries a bastille assessment but it additionally imposes a characterization on the victim. For a perpetrator to be begin guilty, the adolescent woman or man he exploits will become authentic in law as a prostitute.

It is absolutely barefaced that with the law as it stands, victims of this abomination adopt not to columnist charges.

Who would appetite to arise advanced and go through that array of trauma, abnormally in a analysis case acceptable to allure media attention? Accomplish no mistake, this is corruption and exploitation. Victims can leave, but again they ability be homeless. They can’t about-face to accompany and ancestors for advice afterwards acceptance how they acquire been living. They frequently acquisition themselves in a acutely abhorrent allurement with no accessible agency of escape.

Craigslist admiral could abode the affair appropriate now, but they are assuming not the aboriginal amount of concern. That’s why the third affair I am calling for is for the Government to accompany the Californian tech aggregation to heel immediately.

Craigslist’s managers debris to accede my buzz calls, emails and letters.


I feel a appropriate acidity appear this aloof company. It seems that Silicon Valley tech administration facilitate these abominable crimes on their website but ministers aloof go anemic at the knees instead of demography them to task. If we abide to acquiesce this aspersion to fester, endless others will be entrapped, abused and endangered. The time has arise to booty a stand.

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