12+ Top Image Bathroom Key Ideas

12+ Top Image Bathroom Key Ideas –

Pin on Minimalist Bathroom

Pin on Minimalist Bathroom | Bathroom Key Ideas

Photo address Russ Glickman, Glickman Architecture Build

One way to accomplish a admission attending below like a admission is to accomplish it attending like a sidewalk.

Whether accession is blame a stroller, accustomed packages, is on crutches or in a wheelchair, a zero-step admission comes in handy.

The best advantage for creating a no-step admission aback there isn’t one is to body an admission into the mural and accomplish it attending like a sidewalk, says Russ Glickman, buyer of Glickman Architecture Body in North Potomac, Md. (See the photos aloft and at appropriate for two examples.) “It’s additionally attainable to accept a balustrade and a abode for accession to sit or put things afore locking or unlocking the door,” Glickman adds.

Costs: “In my market, a accurate sidewalk that gradually goes up to the affiliated of the advanced aperture admission is about about $3,000,” says Dan Bawden, admiral and CEO of Legal Eagle Contractors in Houston, Texas.

Glickman adds that costs can alter from $15,000 to $35,000 for spaces that accommodate landscaping, aisle lighting, application walls and, if needed, accession a driveway so a actuality application a wheelchair or ambler can abide on the driveway — instead of affective assimilate the grass — in adjustment to abutting the car door.

A accepted admission aperture is 36 inches wide, which provides a 32-inch opening, but if accession is accustomed packages, or application a ambler or captivation a child’s hand, the amplitude can become tight. Accepting a awning or storm aperture adds accession band of awkward maneuvering.

Glickman suggests absence the awning aperture in favor of “a good, able advanced aperture with acceptable acclimate stripping to accumulate the calefaction in and the bugs out.” The beginning should accept a askew abruptness and be no college than one-half inch.

Photo address Howard and Sharon Johnson, Age-Friendly Innovators

A 36-inch-wide aperture is advantageous for a wheelchair user and a ancestor blame a stroller.

Interior doorways in homes are sometimes as attenuated as 24 inches in, for example, a bathroom.

“We try to widen doorways to 32 inches of bright amplitude whenever we can,” Bawden says. “Doing so can be the aberration in actuality able to get a wheelchair through or not.”

Using swing-clear hinges are an bargain way (about $200, including installation) to accretion a few added inches — but they can’t about-face 24 inches into 32 inches.

Other aperture options accommodate application a abridged door, if there’s amplitude abundant for one to accelerate amid the two surfaces of the adjoining wall, or a sliding barn door, which hangs from a athletic clue and lays collapsed adjoin the wall. Unlike abounding sliding aperture setups, a barn aperture accession doesn’t crave accepting a clue on the floor. Also, with a barn aperture there are no banned to the opening’s admeasurement so continued as the aperture itself is ample abundant to awning the aperture and accommodate privacy.  

Costs: Admission doors can amount as little as $200 or as abundant as several thousand dollars for a aperture that opens automatically with a key fob, Glickman says. Accession a aperture may absorb affective electrical abject or accouterments runs, which adds activity costs. That’s about the botheration with installing abridged doors, which can amount up to $2,500 added than a accepted door, addendum Bawden, who adds, “A barn aperture is below big-ticket if there’s bank space; it’s about a $750 idea.”

The aforementioned issues appear into comedy aback accession a hallway, which in best homes are about 3- to 3-½-feet-wide. “Widening hallways is so cher I usually advance the owners advertise and buy a altered house,” Bawden says. “Sometimes cabinets accept to be rebuilt, doors accept to be changed, ablaze switches and electrical accept to be moved. There are structural elements aloft that are blame bottomward on alley walls. It can amount $30,000 to $40,000 to artlessly get accession basal in a hallway.”

Photo address Dick Goodman

Bathroom Layouts and Dimensions Best Of Bathroom Key to Get

Bathroom Layouts and Dimensions Best Of Bathroom Key to Get | Bathroom Key Ideas

Handrails are attainable alike aback there are alone one or two steps.

If the home’s admission has stairs, “there charge to be handrails,” Bawden says. “Ideally two handrails.”

Staircase and footfall handrails can be simple and advantageous or adorning and beautiful.

For stairs central the home, add handrails with an “extension at the top and the basal to accord bodies article to adhere on to” as they leave the aftermost step, says Cynthia Leibrock, a designer, columnist and artist of AgingBeautifully.org, a website about application acute architecture to advance the lives of earlier adults and bodies with disabilities.

Costs: Expect to absorb about $700 for the activity and abstracts to install a distinct six- to eight-foot-long wrought adamant rail, says Bawden. For two balustrade anticipate about $1,200. Pricing for autogenous railings can be added or below big-ticket depending on the action of the adjacent walls and the length, appearance and cast of the balustrade and banisters.

For a ablaze about-face to be attainable by bodies of capricious heights, the about-face should be amid no added than 48 inches from the floor. (That altitude is for the about-face itself, not for the basal of the plate.) Outlets placed 18 inches aloft the attic are easier for users of all abilities and heights to use, although outlets can be aloft college than 18 inches, such as to board height, for active in accessories including telephones and tablets.

Rocker-style switches are added advantageous for added bodies than accepted toggle-style switches, and, says Leibrock, alike table lamps can be fabricated to assignment in the aforementioned or a agnate manner. For instance, attic lamps can be broke on or off with a foot.

Costs: If a homeowner is rewiring anyway, putting outlets at any acme doesn’t add cogent cost, but in a renovation, “we’re demography absolute outlets and rewiring and affective them. That could be $50 per breadth for anniversary about-face you lower and aperture you raise,” Bawden says. Rocker-style switches amount about $5 each, not including the installation, which should be performed by an electrician or accession with acceptable training.

Photo address Dan Bawden, Legal Eagle Contractors

This custom-built abject chiffonier provides storage, portability and an added assignment surface.

Making a kitchen attainable to as abounding users as attainable requires acute planning. On a basal level, the kitchen charge be safe to move about in, accept ablaze assignment areas and accommodate accessories and cabinets that are attainable to ability and use.

“People tend to anticipate an attainable kitchen has to be bigger,” says Boston-based artist Deborah Pierce, columnist of The Attainable Home, “but it doesn’t. It aloof needs to be customized in the appropriate means so it will be safer to use and the homeowners won’t be abrupt to acclimate themselves to the kitchen. The kitchen should acclimate to the person.”

How that plays out in architecture can appear in a cardinal of ways, amid them:

Getty Images

It can be difficult and alarming to lift abundant items into and out of a aloft bake oven, such as one amid over a stove. A drawer-style bake or one placed on a countertop is a safer options.

Certain accessories are easier and safer to use, too.

Small bathroom ideas – small bathroom decorating ideas on a budget

Small bathroom ideas – small bathroom decorating ideas on a budget | Bathroom Key Ideas

Photo address Dan Bawden, Legal Eagle Contractors

The aperture of this oven slides below itself.

Costs: Consumers can be calmly afflicted by kitchen artefact choices — and for anniversary account there’s a ambit of finishes and blush options that crave decisions and added costs.

“A kitchen acclimate can about be done for about $30,000 to $50,000,” Pierce says. “If accession wants to absorb less, you alpha attractive at alternatives: Aloof do new chiffonier handles, alter a few appliances, install a lever-style faucet, possibly add a new countertop with an undermount sink, which, because it doesn’t accept a countertop lip, is easier to apple-pie about and allows users to accelerate items into the sink. Authoritative alike aloof a few changes can accomplish a kitchen attending and feel new.”

According to Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists David and Peggy Mackowski, owners of Quality Architecture & Architecture in Raleigh, North Carolina, homeowners in their breadth can actualize an age-friendly bath for amid $25,000 and $40,000. Here’s what can be expected:

Odds are the bath acclimate will alarm for added space. If so, the allowance will be gutted and bedding of plywood can be installed abaft the drywall as “blocking” to accomplish the walls able abundant for agreement weight-supporting grab bars. (If the walls haven’t been gutted, “You ability be abacus alone $75 to $100 per allotment of plywood for activity and materials,” David says.)

Photo by Melissa Stanton

A grab bar (such as the vertical one apparent here) needs to be installed into bank studs or a bank that has been adequate with plywood or agnate “blocking” abaft the drywall.

Ideally, the bath should accept a 5-foot axis ambit in case a wheelchair is anytime needed, but homeowners can get abroad with abundant amplitude for a “T” turn, David says. “It’s a bit added assignment for a wheelchair user to accept to about-face in that space, though.”

The capital aperture and any autogenous doorways (such as amid the bore and toilet areas) may charge to be widened since, in abounding crumb apartment and some abounding baths, the aperture is alone 24 inches.

Adding a prefabricated battery asylum can ambit from $600 to $800 for a lower-end affected shower; $1,200 to $1,600 for a semi-frameless battery application 1/4-inch blubbery glass; and, for a absolutely frameless shower, $3,000 application 3/8-inch bowl glass. Or, a advantageous and affected tiled, curbless-shower can be custom congenital (at assorted amount ranges). Aback possible, it’s best to accept a 5-foot axis ambit in the battery for wheelchair access, if anytime needed.

Comfort-height toilet options admeasurement about 17 to 18 inches from the attic to the top of the seat. Added choices are accessible today than in the contempo past, and the bazaar has appear bottomward in amount to about $350 to $600.

When application tile, it’s advantageous to bethink that the abate the tile, the greater the tile’s blooper resistance. However, with baby tiles there’s added adhesive to clean. As a compromise, abounding designers use ample tiles on the walls and abate tiles on the floor. Although bowl asphalt can amount below than $1 per aboveboard foot, they’re not non-skid and they don’t accept abundant arrangement too them. David recommends ceramics over bowl tiles. “We’ve been accepting some ceramics tiles for $2.75 a aboveboard foot,” he says.

A bore vanity with a countertop, ancillary cabinets and door-covered accumulator can amount about $1,200 to $2,500 from a low- to mid-end chiffonier brand. To accommodate for leg amplitude below a adverse so a actuality can be seated, either leave the amplitude blank, install a disposable chiffonier advanced or use a rolling cabinet.

A lever-style faucet that can be maneuvered with a abounding duke or alike aloof a finger, bend or acquaint is not abundant added big-ticket than a acceptable faucet. (Note: For assurance it’s best to use pressure-balanced, anti-scald faucets.)

Photo from the 2014 Home for Life, address Hanley-Wood

Behind the door: A closet that, if needed, can be adapted (along with the closet on the attic aloft it) into an elevator.

Bathroom design: an expert guide to creating your dream space

Bathroom design: an expert guide to creating your dream space | Bathroom Key Ideas

Not anybody wants to or can accomplish single-story living. To get from one affiliated to another, assorted stair-based options and alike home elevators can help.

A access armchair lift is basically a armchair that sits on a abuse that is absorbed to the amount treads. A motor glides the armchair up and bottomward the rail. The amount of a access armchair lift can be anywhere from $1,200 to $10,000 for the artefact itself. For best bodies installing a armchair lift is not a DIY project.

While a armchair lift is accomplished for accession who has the antithesis and backbone to get about with a pikestaff or walker, it apparently won’t assignment for a wheelchair user who doesn’t accept abundant block ascendancy to abide upright.

Transferring on and off of the lift tends to be the riskiest allotment for a wheelchair user, who will acceptable charge advice appointment amid the wheelchair and the lift. Meanwhile, unless a actuality has two wheelchairs — one for use downstairs, accession for up — accession will charge to backpack the wheelchair up and bottomward the stairs. “It’s time arresting and chancy for the actuality and the caregiver,” addendum Glickman.

Other access options accommodate an absorbed wheelchair belvedere lift or a vertical wheelchair belvedere lift. These are like baby boxes that a wheelchair user would cycle into and again either motor forth the access or angular beside it to the abutting level. Best staircases are not absolutely advanced abundant for the absorbed adaptation to work. Plus, there needs to be allowance at the top and the basal of the access for the wheelchair user to cautiously cycle beeline on and off of the lift.

With a custom home or a acclimate in which there is abundant space, one adjustment is to body ample closets that can be adapted into an elevator shaft if or aback needed. An centralized elevator needs a 6-by-6-foot space. “To get that in a remodel, it ability beggarly demography up a accomplished allowance on anniversary floor,” Glickman says. “But plumbing, heating and cooling ducts could be in the way. It can be actual complicated.”

Two added options: Use an alien elevator, which is affiliated to putting on an accession — complete with a foundation, new walls and roof. There are additionally aeriform vacuum-style elevators, which are quiet and easier to install, abnormally in a homes with a two-story accessible antechamber and autogenous balcony.

Costs: A straight-run amount lift is about $2,200 for the lift and installation. For a arced run, the abstracts can move the activity into the $10,000 range, Glickman says, and the accession ability add accession $3,000. The vertical and absorbed belvedere lifts run about $20,000, including accession and “assuming the access works as it is,” he says. But in best cases there needs to be all-encompassing assignment to widen the staircase, and that adds costs.

To accommodate amplitude in a new body for an centralized elevator to be congenital at a after date, the amount can be about $3,000 to assemblage the closets and appropriately set up the framing and walls, Bawden says. “When the elevator goes in, that’s accession $30,000.” An alien elevator will run amid $75,000 and $100,000 for activity and materials. “To go from the arena attic to the additional attic by installing a aeriform elevator costs about $35,000,” Bawden says. “It’s a cheaper and faster accession than architecture the addition.”


The AARP HomeFit Guide appearance acute solutions and worksheets for authoritative a home comfortable, safe and a abundant fit.

Just as we age over time rather than all at once, homeowners gluttonous to actualize a constant home needn’t blitz to do aggregate at once. Changes can be done in phases over time, and genitalia of the home — such as ample closets for an elevator or bath walls with plywood blocking beneath the drywall — can be able for the approaching during the antecedent architecture or a remodel. 

For added advice about creating a home that’s safe, adequate and affable for bodies of all ages, analysis out these AARP resources:

And these apartment resources:

Stacey Freed is a freelance biographer and above editor at Remodeling magazine.

Published: March 2015

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Create the perfect bathroom for your home with these key design

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